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I posted this first on my personal journal. [Mar. 15th, 2006|07:49 pm]
Long Live WCATY


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And I didn't notice till five days later.

Umm... in an attempt to give this community CPR:

I'm going back to ALP this year. Whee. "But Madalyn," you may say. "You're in college and you can't come back. Never ever." To which I respond, Wrong! I'll be TAing a class this summer, but I'm not sure which. Either IP Math or Number Theory. Which means super excitingness. And getting paid instead of paying to go to nearly the greatest place on Earth.

Anyone else coming this summer. Any thoughts on the change of locale? St. Norberts just doesn't sound as cool as Lawrence. I mean, doesn't "Lawrence" just roll off of the tongue so nicely?